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Sound money for the nation of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country in Africa that is entering its second hyperinflation. With rampant money printing, prices are rising, stores are emptying and people are desperate for an answer.

ZIMBOCASH is the solution. It’s a cryptocurrency system where the supply of money is fixed. All Zimbabweans who sign up are allocated with ZIMBOCASH and are incentivised to make transactions.

ZIMBOCASH is going viral in a country with 17 million citizens. We are establishing an on-the-ground network of people making payments in day to day trade, with reference to a listed market price.

In a world where most countries are printing money on a large scale, ZIMBOCASH is demonstrating another way. With sound money, we can see Zimbabwe's fortunes transformed.


Current news.

Important next steps

Important next steps

  Hi ZIMBOCASH Family We are still passionately pursuing a sound-money solution for Zimbabwe.  We are closer than ever before to executing on our goals and we wanted to give you an update. We have taken down our previous login website and put up a maintenance...

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The one thing that is changing everything

The one thing that is changing everything

  Hi ZIMBOCASH Family So a quick update into where we are at the moment, and then we want to talk more about what no-one else is talking about, but is the reason why we exist. We’ve been quiet the past few months but we have been working hard behind the scenes....

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The birth of something great

The birth of something great

  Dear ZIMBOCASH family We’re still here. Working hard towards our goal of sound-money. We have not forgotten about you. So here is an update about us. If this is your first fireside chat, we’ll tell you a bit about ourselves. Background We started about two...

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Hear what our team have to say.


It's based on four key ideas.

1. REGISTER - Only Zimbabweans can join

If you're Zimbabwean you can register. We don't want your money. We want you to join our community. You will get 400 ZIMBOCASH if you join. We will not now, nor will we ever, ask you for you to pay anything. If you refer others you can earn more.

2. DECENTRALISED – Sound money

Blockchain technology enables us to remove any middle-man associated with the ZIMBOCASH token. We have fixed the supply – ZIMBOCASH is sound money for the nation of Zimbabwe. Once you have access to your token, you can make transfers to anyone around the world or across the country. International payments and money remittances can be made simply, easily and at low cost.


3. EXCHANGE – Global demand

Listed on global exchanges. You'll need to first make a few transfers to others and buy and sell ZIMBOCASH on the exchange at the market rate. While we want people to be able to cash-out, our goal is to get people to transact between themselves with reference to a market price. Initially, sales on the exchanges will be restricted until the network has grown sufficiently. 

4. NETWORK EFFECT – each new person adds value to the system

The value of ZIMBOCASH grows exponentially as more people register and make transfers to others. This is called the Network Effect. We are creating an ecosystem where people can refer to ZIMBOCASH when they trade.  The best thing is that it is free to join for Zimbabweans – in the midst of the economic difficulties, ZIMBOCASH is solving the basic need for sound money in the nation of Zimbabwe. 


Next-Generation distributed ledger technology.

TRON NETWORK decentralised platform

There are 4.5 billion ZASH tokens which are fixed on the TRON Network, using a TRC-10 smart contract. The protocol uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (“DPOS”) algorithm which facilitates fast, decentralised and cost-effective transactions that are scalable for an entire nation.

Bank-level security for Wallet Infrastructure

ZIMBOCASH works just like an online bank account. Zimbabweans who join can make transactions from this wallet infrastructure. Non-Zimbabweans can use the offline wallet infrastructure provided by the TRON Network.


While the ZIMBOCASH team do not provide or guarantee any secondary market, large international cryptocurrency exchanges are listing ZIMBOCASH given the huge network potential in Zimbabwe's economy. Keep posted on Coin Market Cap for further details.


If you are resident in Zimbabwe or you are in the diaspora with a Zimbabwean ID, you can sign up here.


If you are not Zimbabwean, you are welcome to subscribe and follow the ZIMBOCASH updates here

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