ZIMBOCASH Ambassador Agreement 

Welcome to the ZIMBOCASH Ambassador team.

The ZIMBOCASH Ambassador Program is a  plan to develop a decentralised community of motivated Zimbabweans who want to be involved in establishing an alternative currency and banking system in Zimbabwe.

Our goal is to establish a fixed-base decentralised cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe which is available to all Zimbabweans who sign up. We see ZIMBOCASH as a movement of volunteers and people who are passionate about Zimbabwe using the power of networks to establish an alternative currency. To do so, we need a team of passionate people who act as ambassadors for this movement.

In short, the ZIMBOCASH Ambassadors are role-models who introduce people to and educate them about ZIMBOCASH. This Ambassador Agreement is to guide you in your role as an Ambassador of ZIMBOCASH and to establish an agreement between ZIMBOCASH and you, the Ambassador.


As a ZIMBOCASH Ambassador, you will be a part of creating a brand profile of ZIMBOCASH. This means educating people about ZIMBOCASH, introducing people to the ZIMBOCASH network and being a part of creating a ZIMBOCASH movement.  Building a trusted and caring relationship is imperative and essential to the success of the ZIMBOCASH Ambassador community. As part of this, we need you to operate with the utmost integrity and in good faith.

This is what this looks like to us:

  1. You need to honour ZIMBOCASH with your words, actions and what you write about ZIMBOCASH.
  2. Take responsibility in understanding the strategy of ZIMBOCASH – we want to help you and are here to answer any questions you have.
  3. Promote and encourage the adoption of ZIMBOCASH in your community by introducing others to the network.
  4. Enlighten and help guide new users on social media and community channels. We encourage you to make use of all the regular channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram, Blogs, Slack or roadshows, awareness campaigns, community meetings, WhatsApp and any other networking arrangement you have.
  5. As an ambassador, you commit to following ZIMBOCASH on all social media platforms.
  6. To the extent that you can, create discussions on various media including radio, TV, social media – we want you to get out there and talk to others about this.
  7. We would love you to create a 30-second video clip sharing your thoughts about ZIMBOCASH. Please do this in conjunction with us so that we can get a balance between uniformity of message as well as the uniqueness that you bring.
  8. Assist in moderating social media and community channels.
  9. Help us with the localisation of content, to the extent necessary.
  10. Host official ZIMBOCASH meetups and social networking events in your local community.
  11. Connect with other ambassadors to spread the word about ZIMBOCASH.
  12. You’ll be responsible for your community’s growth, engagement and adoption of ZIMBOCASH.
  13. Notwithstanding 7, 8, 9,10,11 and 12 above, an ambassador commits to staying loyal to ZIMBOCASH. This entails that an ambassador will not poach other ZIMBOCASH ambassadors and community members to start their own networks. Such a breach of our rules will result in the immediate disqualification as an ambassador.
  14. You’ll be responsible for finding pain points, helping community clear doubts, bring questions to ZIMBOCASH team, and strategizing best campaigns for the adoption of ZIMBOCASH in your community.
  15. Stay legally safe – don’t do anything that is illegal or would put you at risk. We respect the government and would like you to do the same. Our aim is to uplift Zimbabwe without involving politics.


ZIMBOCASH is a decentralised movement – our goal is to partner with people who are passionate about making a difference in Zimbabwe as a first motive. The greatest benefit of ZIMBOCASH is working to transform the financial system of Zimbabwe into one where ordinary people can prosper, transact and save using money they trust.

As part of this process, there is an incentive for you to establish the ZIMBOCASH network which includes:

  1. a referral bonus for each person who signs up using your email address/referral code; and
  2. a referral click campaign which gives you ZIMBOCASH for every person who clicks your unique link (subject to a maximum as defined in the ZIMBOCASH terms and conditions).

In addition, ZIMBOCASH Ambassadors will be invited to attend ZIMBOCASH conferences, Ambassador Networking Events and specific online training sessions. You will work closely with the ZIMBOCASH Team.


During the term of this Agreement, the Ambassador will provide voluntary services to ZIMBOCASH, which are considered a donation.  ZIMBOCASH’s relationship with you will be that of a volunteer,  and under no circumstances are you deemed to be an employee or independent contractor of ZIMBOCASH.

The Ambassador acknowledges and agrees that he/she will not be eligible for any employee benefits such as future salary or wages from ZIMBOCASH. To clarify, even in the case the Ambassador otherwise would be eligible for any of ZIMBOCASH’s employee benefits, the Ambassador hereby expressly declines to participate in such employee benefits.

Level of authority

The Ambassador is not authorised to incur any expenses nor enter into any contract on behalf of ZIMBOCASH, nor in any way legally bind ZIMBOCASH or any of its team members to third parties without the prior written authorisation of the ZIMBOCASH team.

This Agreement is a non-exclusive agreement, and both parties remain free to enter into similar agreements with other third parties. However, the Ambassador represents and warrants that he/she is not under any pre-existing obligation that is in conflict or in any other way inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement.

Confidential Information

ZIMBOCASH may disclose confidential information to you. The Ambassador shall not disclose to third parties any material or information received from ZIMBOCASH and marked as confidential or which should be understood to be confidential (“Confidential Information”). All Confidential Information disclosed to you shall not be used for any other purposes than those stated in this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement, the Ambassador will, at the request of any of the ZIMBOCASH Team, return or destroy any Confidential Information in its possession.


The ZIMBOCASH team may prepare information or documents for distribution to the Ambassadors. The ZIMBOCASH team retain all rights to that information and documents. Occasionally, the Ambassadors will prepare promotional material, documents, brand support and memoranda, or may establish strategic relationships for the ZIMBOCASH team (combined “Ambassador Material and Connections”) – the Ambassador acknowledges that he/she provides this as part of his/her role as an Ambassador and provides the ZIMBOCASH team with all rights associated with the Ambassador Documents and Connections.


Keep safe. The ZIMBOCASH team can't offer you legal or other protection – this is a decentralised movement and you agree to take responsibility for your actions and engagements with authorities and with others.

Whole Agreement

This Agreement, including the terms and conditions of service and privacy policy available on the ZIMBOCASH website, constitutes the agreement of the parties and supersedes all oral negotiations and prior writings with respect to the subject matter hereof. This agreement will be updated from time to time and any changes will be made available on our website: https://www.zimbo.cash

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