We are very excited to launch the sign-up phase of ZIMBOCASH – a cryptocurrency for Zimbabweans. We hope you can use this, let us know if you have questions.



News From: The ZIMBOCASH team

Thursday 8 November 2018

Contact: [email protected]


ZIMBOCASH – Uniquely Zimbabwean, Globally Recognised


We are proud to announce the launch of ZIMBOCASH – a cryptocurrency that is available to all Zimbabweans at no cost.


ZIMBOCASH is a cryptocurrency for all Zimbabweans. Any Zimbabwean with a Zimbabwean ID can register for their 100 000 ZIMBOCASH at and will get more when they refer friends.

Following the registration period, we’ll launch the ZIMBOCASH cryptocurrency on a fixed blockchain. That means no more money printing. Only fast and secure transactions.

We’ll list ZIMBOCASH on a bitcoin exchange at a list price of US$ 0.02 each. Based on this value, each 100 000 ZIMBOCASH allocation could be worth up to $2 000. Buyers and sellers will be able to trade ZIMBOCASH with reference to a market price.

The registration period is for three months only – no new ZIMBOCASH will be allocated after 31 January. International buyers will be able to purchase ZIMBOCASH  on the secondary market from Zimbabweans once it is listed on the exchange.


A white paper detailing ZIMBOCASH can be found on the website, together with the registration form and other key details.


The official details are as follows:


Organisation name:        ZIMBOCASH


Contacts:                             [email protected]



Kind regards,



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